What is Floatation?

Floatation tanks simulate a zero-gravity environment offering the easiest, quickest & most effective  route to  deep physical & mental relaxation brought on by floating effortlessly in a solution of Epsom Salts heated to skin temperature


What To Expect

"Great experience from the moment you enter the front door. Floating & relaxing leaving you refreshed & ready to face London noise"

"Unexpectedly good float. A great feeling of wellbeing after a stressful day in front of the computer"

"First time floating & quite incredible ~ the feeling of comfy & totally relaxing support in water is miraculous"


Established 2004 in Chiswick, West London, Floatopia is purpose built offering all the amenities necessary to ensure clients get the most from their float experience

Each float suite has its own private changing area with shower & your towels, shower gel, shampoo & conditioner are provided